Following a summer of attacks and closures, it looks like BC officials have finally decided what to do about the Stanley Park coyotes. However, it’s not exactly sitting well with everyone. Here’s what to know about the situation.

Last Friday, the BC Ministry of Forests made the announcement that it would begin trapping and euthanizing some 35 coyotes throughout the park. However, this number may fluctuate depending on the actual population size. So far, 7 coyotes have already been killed this summer, as the park deals with a much higher-than-average number of attacks.

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In response to the decision, a petition was created, and has already garnered just under 19,000 signatures. The petition argues that instead of culling the coyotes and disrupting the ecosystem of the park, measures should be made to ‘instill a healthy fear of humans’ in the coyotes once more. Basically, they want to isolate aggressive individuals, then have the Park Board/the City of Vancouver actively enforce wildlife feeding laws.

Since the initial announcement, no updates have been given about the Ministry of Parks’ plan. We’ll keep you updated if anything changes in the saga of the Stanley Park coyotes, folks!