Once upon a time, almost every millennial had and often used a PayPal account. Sadly though, many of them grew up and eventually out of the platform – opting to simply type in their credit card numbers at check out instead.

Ah yes, for some, gone are the days of alternatives and with it, any and all thought you may have had about the financial service as well as the account you once held with them… well, until today, anyway.

Canada, we hope if you’re among the many who stopped using PayPal years ago, that you can remember your password because the company will begin charging members $20 a year beginning November 20th, 2021 – just for being inactive.

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Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way!

In order to avoid their newly sneakily added fee, all you have to do is log into your PayPal account, and either use your account to purchase something – anything- once a year OR, just close your profile entirely!

Once you’re signed in, click the gear icon along the top of the navigation bar and click ‘close your account’ under your profile and it’s done- easy peasy!

Now, don’t get it twisted, we realize that PayPal still has millions of users, but we’re not one of them and had we not known beforehand – this would have sucked a little bit.

In conclusion, get out there and do what you gotta do, friends. It’s your money – and you’re entitled to it, no matter how much or little $20 may be to you.