Your favorite artist is coming to town and of course, you want to buy tickets. But, after the year we’ve just had, you’re likely hopping online with half of Vancouver’s population just trying to see their first concert since 2019.  Then, of course, all you can find are tickets with an insane price markup from third-party sellers. Not cool right? Well, BC agrees and is introducing The Ticket Sales Act to help protect consumers. Here’s what to know.

Basically, the new act will help promote fairness for buyers by banning bots that buy large quantities of tickets for resale. It will also ban businesses from selling tickets that they don’t have, create clear rules for refunds and add transparency about ticket prices. All those good details to help you know what and who you’re buying from.

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Additionally, there will be an enforcement system to make sure rules are followed and a right to civil action for losses or damages incurred by any of us screwed out of our tickets. Since all of this is intended for the general population to be more protected now when buying tickets, that means it might just be time to look ahead and see who all is coming to Vancouver this summer.

Thanks to the Ticket Sales Act, seeing your favorite concerts and show in Vancouver is about to get a whole lot better. No more pesky ticket bots to get you down. If you’d like to learn more about the act you can click here. Have fun out there folks!