It’s crazy to think we’re on the cusp of returning to live music concerts in Vancouver, after over a year-long hiatus. Naturally, we’re chomping at the bit to listen to pretty much anything, our own personal tastes be damned. And, while we can’t promise these concerts will actually take place, we’re hoping that they do. We’re ready to dance our faces off/tap our feet incessantly, so let’s see what our options are.

So, after quite a bit of checking and double-checking, here are some amazing concerts to see in Vancouver before summer ends.

TD International Jazz Fest

This is actually a few different concerts rolled into one. Turns out, this beloved jazz fest is able to put on live shows by selling tables instead of tickets. Our top pick from the lineup? The Jamie Lee Trio, because we’ve loved jazz drummers ever since we watched a YouTube video about the Purdie Shuffle.

When: June 25th to July 4th
Where: Frankie’s Jazz Club (Reservations required)

FVDED in the Park

Full disclosure- we don’t have the utmost confidence in this massive rap and pop festival actually going through. But, at the time of writing, nothing has been cancelled yet. Our advice here is to at least wait until the lineup is dropped before buying your ticket.

When: September 10th and 11th
Where: Holland Park, Surrey

Editor’s Note: Shortly after publishing this article, FVDED announced new tentative dates for the festival. This change has been updated accordingly.

Tame Impala

Tame Impala is the first of a few major names to return to Vancouver this year. Originally scheduled for a 2020 tour, he and his band are set to return as practically the first major concert in over a year. One thing’s for certain- if this ends up happening, it is going to be an unforgettable experience.

When: August 4th
Where: Rogers Arena

Harry Styles

Meanwhile, Harry Styles is also set to return to Vancouver this August. While he’s branched out into acting since his debut (which was like a decade ago, what!?), there’s no denying his musical capabilities. And, there’s no denying that the entire city will hear the chorus of ‘Watermelon Sugar’ during the concert.

When: August 16th
Where: Rogers Arena

The Residents

We honestly had not heard of this band until we started looking around, but we’re oh so happy that we did. Approaching 50 years of absurdist music, which has extended into their public image, the band has become a cult favourite, not unlike a Jodorowsky movie or something similar. Got a friend that’s ‘in tune with nature’ (wink wink, nudge nudge)? Treat them to what is sure to be one of the weirdest performances they’ve seen.

When: August 21st
Where: Imperial

Celine Dion

Meanwhile, Celine Dion is about as mainstream as things get. It’s not undeserved though, as the singer-songwriter has one of the most powerful and beautiful voices around. Ready to treat your parents to an amazing concert, and one they’re unlikely to see again? This is our pick.

When: August 28th and August 29th
Where: BC Place

Deante’ Hitchcock

Sorry university students, but summer doesn’t actually end just because you have to go back to school. For the working folks out there, we’re here to help you milk summer until the very last drop. Luckily, the Westward Music Fest wants to help as well. Our first pick from the lineup is Deante’ Hitchcock, an up-and-coming artist who has already worked with the likes of 6LACK and JID.

When: September 9th
Where: Commodore Ballroom


Meanwhile, Robotaki blends a variety of genres to create their own unique sound. From ambient sounds to classic instruments and some electronic elements for good measure, Robotaki has proven they’re capable of tackling just about any kind of music, and with beautiful results.

When: September 10th
Where: Biltmore Cabaret


Definitely one of our top picks for concerts in Vancouver this summer. This local rapper/musician has managed to combine hard-hitting production with an irreverent style and an Instagram account to match. Plus, we never really got the chance to sing along to ‘Lalala’ live, and that’s a must in our eyes.

When: September 11th
Where: The Vogue Theatre


ODIE was set to have a huge summer after the release of ‘Slowly’ back in early 2020. Naturally, that was put on hold, but we cannot wait to pretend like nothing happened as we jump around in the club, if only for a couple of hours. Fingers crossed he’ll release a couple more songs this summer as well!

When: September 11th
Where: The Imperial

Joel Plaskett

Finally, we’re finishing this list off with a couple of tried and true rock mainstays. First up is Joel Plaskett, who released one of the most ambitious albums we’ve ever seen. The 44-song epic is divided into 4 somewhat distinct sub-albums. Basically, this is one of those guys with something for every kind of rock fan.

When: September 11th
Where: Commodore Ballroom

Chad VanGaalen

And, our last pick for this roundup is Chad VanGaalen. The Calgary musician is a mainstay member of Sub-Pop, and has brought a wealth of music and visual arts to the label. If you feel like ending your summer on a more psychedelic-rock note, then this should be right up your alley.

When: September 11th
Where: The Rickshaw

Alright folks, that’s our roundup of some summer concerts to attend in Vancouver this year! Honestly, we’re still getting over the fact we can write something like this.