The time has come, folks. After snowfall in Ontario’s cottage country and whiteout conditions on the highways last week, it looks like Toronto will finally get its first taste of the early start to winter we’ve been warned about.

The Weather Network’s 14-day forecast for the city calls for snow mixed with rain on Monday, November 22nd. The high will only be 6 C with a low of 2 C, which will actually be the warmest weather Toronto will get throughout the entire week.

The streak of above-seasonal temperatures Toronto’s been blessed with recently won’t last much longer. Temperatures will cool down significantly this weekend and for most of next week.

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By next weekend, the daytime high will mostly be hovering at 5 C. On November 22nd, the city is set to get less than 1 cm of snowfall.

This aligns with what The Weather Network predicted for Ontario’s November forecast. The outlet said that after a mild start to the month, a “much colder pattern” will develop in the second half, feeling more like winter than late autumn.

If you were looking forward to a winter wonderland, don’t be too disappointed. This colder weather pattern will dominate through December, ushering in a much earlier start to the freezing cold and snow than Ontario has been used to seeing in recent years.

In fact, some weather experts predict that it could be the earliest blast of winter Ontario has seen in a quarter-century. Enjoy the double-digit highs while you can, Toronto — at this point, it’s safe to assume that they won’t be returning any time soon.