Want to be a part of some art? Waterfront Toronto is bringing a new art piece to the city, Upcycle by Javid Jah. The temporary floating art is special, as Toronto residents are urged to add their own flair to it. Here’s how.

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Waterfront Toronto posted on social media about the art piece, writing: “Tell us a story about your connection to water and be featured in Upcycle by Javid Jah, a temporary floating artwork coming to the waterfront this summer.”

Each submission will be inserted into one of the plastic water bottles that form the piece and will be featured online!

The form can be found here with the deadline coming up on May 29th.

This public artwork is designed by Javid Jah in collaboration with Anishinaabe Knowledge Practitioner Dr Debby Danard of the Three Fires Teaching Lodge, fabricated by Qube Inc and commissioned by Waterfront Toronto.

“Upcycle” is composed of 456 bottles with the individual messages, grouped in clusters of six.

According to Waterfront Toronto, “The love letter can be either something you’ve typed into this form or a picture of a drawing you’ve made describing you relationship to water. Water as an essential source of life, water as the symbolic element, water as a human right – water as a reflection of the cycle of life.”

Pretty cool, right?

If you want to hand write the message, Contact Waterfront Toronto to drop it in person at their studio in the Junction.

Keep your eyes peeled at Toronto’s waterfront for the art piece and get submitting your message, Toronto!