Well folks, if you still read the news, this news probably isn’t too surprising. Washington’s COVID-19 cases have risen back up to January 2021 levels and are overwhelming hospitals once again. This is because of the more transmissible Delta variant and slow vaccination rates. Can you guess what that means? Masks are back, regardless of your vaccination status. Here’s what to know.

Starting on August 23rd all Washington state residents will need to start wearing masks indoors again. Basically, it’s everywhere that masks were required before. So that means you’ll need to mask up in most public places across the state, including restaurants, grocery stores, malls, and public-facing offices. Once again, you are required to mask up regardless of your vaccination status.

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Now there are some exceptions. If you work in an office space that’s not public-facing where individuals are vaccinated, or if you work alone indoors or in a vehicle with no public interaction you are not required to wear a mask. Additionally, you do not have to wear a mask at small private indoor gatherings where all attendees are vaccinated.

See folks, not too hard, it’s an easy change that we can all get back into and it helps save lives. Plus if this is feeling really hard for you just remember that you can still go maskless outside. However, the state does recommend and strongly urge you to wear masks in crowded outdoor settings, like outdoor concerts, fairs, and farmer’s markets.

You can learn more here.