Happy 4th of July, Seattle! Today is the day we celebrate our freedom from the British crown and everything it means to be American. What’s more, it turns out that Washington is one of the most independent or self sufficient states in the nation.

WalletHub’s newest ranking compares all 50 states based on five sources of dependancy. Those sources are consumer finances, the government, the job market, international trade and personal vices. They were then broken down into 39 key indicators of independence in order to figure out which states are the most self sufficient.

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Source: WalletHub
The top ten most self sufficient states in the US are as follows.
1. Utah,
2. Colorado
3. Massachusetts
4. Virginia
5. Nebraska
6. Florida
7. Idaho
8. Wisconsin
9. Washington
10. Delaware
Washington also ranked as being one of the least federally dependent states in the nation at number 5. Our evergreen state also ranked as having one of the highest percentages of adult drug users at number 48. And because you’re probably curious, the least self sufficient states in the US are as follows.
40. Michigan
41. New Mexico
42. Indiana
43. Tennesse
44. Alabama
45. West Virginia
46. South Carolina
47. Alaska
48. Mississippi
49. Louisiana
50. Kentucky
If you’d like to view the whole study you can visit WalletHub’s website.