What a week for Seattle news, folks. Yesterday, it was announced that King County would be getting rid of its vaccine requirements at some businesses as of March 1st and now Washington is ending its mask mandate. Let’s get into some details.

As of today, February 18th, masks are no longer required at outdoor gatherings. This rule has been in place for gatherings of 500 or more and has mainly effected sports spectators. But that’s not the only change coming.

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Beginning on March 21st, masks will no longer be required in most indoor settings including places like schools, restaurants, grocery stores, and more. However, masks will still be required in places like health care facilities, public transit, and correctional facilities. Further, businesses are allowed to choose whether they would like to continue mandating masks for customers.

So regardless of where you stand with masks, be sure to respect individual businesses rules. Even with changing government regulations, it will likely take the general public longer to be comfortable maskless considering we’ve all been using them for over two years now.