Over two years later and we have seemingly almost reached the light at the end of the tunnel. King County and Seattle will begin to slowly unwind it’s COVID-19 policies following in the footsteps of countries like Canada. What does that mean for you? Let’s get into some details.

Beginning March 1st, restaurants, bars, theaters and gyms will no longer have to check the vaccine status of their patrons. That being said, businesses will be allowed to have their own vaccination requirements but the countywide policy will no longer be required.

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This change in policies is happening because 80% of the counties residents are fully vaccinated and hospitalizations are decreasing. But it is worth noting that while the vaccine mandate is ending, masks will still be required in indoor settings. Although Governor Jay Inslee did announce that he would be looking at indoor mask requirement policies this week.

For the time, being it looks like life is going to take one step towards pre-pandemic functionings. Have a great week, Seattle!