If you thought 2022 couldn’t get any more strange, buckle your seatbelts because life is about to get a whole lot more Canadian. The idea of the United States’ western coastline joining Canada has been around for a long time. Its popularity has ebbed and flowed but has clearly remained in the back of local and national political leaders’ minds. So much so that Washington state will join Canada later this year.

What does this mean for Washingtonians? A whole lot of change. You’ll have to get used to free healthcare, no pennies, and a prime minister instead of a president. Not only that but Canada didn’t duke it out with England like the US did so get ready to be under the watchful eye of Queen Elizabeth.

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It’ll also mean getting used to using the metric system, say goodbye to mph and Fahrenheit and hello to kmph and celsius. While that might take a while to remember it won’t be hard to forget the 50 states and learn about the ten Canadian provinces. Well, now eleven that Washington is moving on up.

The released details are still slim and even though the merger is slated to happen this year, we’ll assume it will take into 2023 to finalize. After all, the land will need to be surveyed, political systems will change, a new dollar will be introduced. It’s going to be a huge moment in history that Washington is lucky to be the center of.

For more details on the changes and updates to come, you can visit the new Cascadia government website. If you need an idea of what our neighbors up north are like, you can always read up on our Vancouver page. We’ll see you all in Canada!

And on that note… Happy April Fools’ Day, eh!