Ready for a  pre weekend pick me up? Look to the sky because tonight you might just be able to catch a glimpse of the Northern lights right here in Seattle. The stunning celestial event has been happening this week and here’s when it might happen again.

It’s been a year for northern lights visibility here in Seattle. This time the phenomenon is happening due to solar storms happening this week according to NWS. You may have seen images of the lights on Wednesday and it’s looking like they might just be visible again Thursday thanks to another geomagnetic storm.

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Keep in mind the forecast is currently partially cloudy so you might have to move around a bit to catch a glimpse. That being said, if things stay clear, it could mean that Seattleites get a chance to see the sky aglow. All you have to do to try your hand at seeing the lights is look towards the sky.

If you’re going to make it your mission to see the lights tonight, try to stay away from city lights and consider using time-lapse or long-exposure still photography. Might as well give it a go because what do you have to lose? Enjoy!