We’ve explored a ton of beaches across Ontario from secluded shores to world-famous destinations. But we have yet to cover one of the most popular beaches in the province. With over 14 km of white sandy coastline and hiking trails to explore, here’s why you should make a trip to Wasaga Beach Provincial Park this summer.

There’s no doubt that Wasaga Beach is one of, if not THE most popular beach in Ontario. According to its official tourism board, it welcomes millions of visitors from around the world, every year.

And luckily for you, it’s less than two hours away from Toronto, northbound. So if you’re planning a day trip, this is a great option for you.

Besides the obviously stunning beach, Wasaga Beach Provincial Park offers opportunities for biking, bird watching, boating, canoeing, and over 30 km of hiking trails.

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According to Ontario Parks, the hiking trail system can be accessed from the Wasaga Nordic & Trail Centre.

“As you enter the trail system you will be passing through an area known as the raised beaches,” shares the park site. “These are the remnants of a glacial lake that covered the Wasaga Beach area close to 10,000 years ago.”

When you continue through the trail, you’ll be led into the largest and least disturbed set of parabolic sand dunes in Ontario. And about 700 different types of plants and 230 species of birds can be seen here.

Other trails like the Ganaraska Trail and Harold Culham Memorial Bicycle Trail can also be found in the dunes area.

Though there are a handful of fun activities to do here, the showstopper is definitely the coastline.

Did you know that Wasaga Beach Provincial Park is home to the World’s Largest Freshwater Beach? It was the first provincial park in Canada to be awarded the Blue Flag designation too.

There are eight beach areas to explore, including the new Wasaga Beach and Allenwood Beach.


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Beach area one is the most popular spot where everyone tends to flock. Beach area two offers a beautiful view of the escarpment, and three is the only section of the beach that’s dog friendly – but they must be on a leash at all times.

For a full rundown of every beach area, click here.


According to Ontario Parks, the cost of a Day Use permit depends on the time of the year whether it be on or off-season, and by park. Entry fees for vehicles start at $12.25, but for a full day at Wasaga Beach in the summer season, the cost is $18.58 plus tax. And for park-specific fees, contact the park directly.

If you’re looking for more beaches to explore, check out Sandbanks in Ontario’s wine country or hidden turquoise lakes in the province.

There’s just so much to do this summer and we’re totally loving it.

Wasaga Beach Provincial Park

Where: 11-22nd St. North – Wasaga Beach, ON