It’s spring and that means it’s prime time for gardening. However, we recognize that not all of us have yards or spaces where we can grow plants in Seattle. But don’t despair, because you actually have several options to flex those green thumbs of yours thanks to the P-Patch Map.

Walking or driving around the city you’ve probably seen tons of community P-Patchs. Not sure what they are? Well, it’s simple. They are a series of community gardens across the city, where community gardeners can plant, maintain, and operate their own garden! At this point they’ve become quite popular, and you can find them in nearly every neighborhood in town.

To make things even easier, the City of Seattle has actually created a handy dandy map to show you exactly where each of them is. You’ll probably be surprised to see just how many you can choose from.

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Photo via City of Seattle

Now before you go rushing over to your closest P-Patch you actually have to hop on a waitlist. Because lots of people want to have their own garden away from home. However, the good news is that people typically hear about an opening between January and June. So right now is the prime time to hop on a list!

And if you’re really wanting a spot you can apply for up to two different gardens. Even if you don’t get a spot this year, it’s well worth checking out your nearest garden to see what it might be like to be a part of the community. If you’d like to check out the Seattle P-Patch Map you can click here. Enjoy folks!