If Mackenzie Bezos can do it, Melinda Gates can do it too. That’s right, the infallible Bill and Melinda Gates are separating after 27 years of marriage. It’s the latest high-profile divorce in the city and one that the world will be watching with a close eye. After all, the divorce between some of the richest people in the world is a curious thing.

The two met while working at Microsoft, have created the world’s biggest foundation, and seemed to be the billionaire couple that could last a lifetime. Now, everyone from celebrities to meme accounts is having their say on the split. Here’s how the world is reacting to Bill and Melinda Gates’s divorce.

To start things off, here’s Bill and Melinda’s short and simple message to the world. And while they ask for privacy that’s going to be hard when you’re one of the most followed people in the world.

On the topic of privacy, Dr. Naomi Wolf, the author of The Beauty Myth chimed in for her hot take. Because you know, digital surveillance is a big thing.

One user pointed out a humorous option for announcing the divorce.

And another user with a serious talent for words made a play on classic Microsoft programs.

As for more serious matters, one user pointed out just how many things this divorce can and will affect.

To further that point, here’s another hot take.

While we’d say they’re just like us, they’re really not. Billionaires are on another level and chances are that our personal lives will never affect world markets or technology. That being said, we wish them the best in their endeavors and hope that they are able to continue to work together as they have planned.

Let this be a reminder that money can’t buy you happiness. And uh please continue to get vaccinated, don’t let the Twitter crazies get to you. Have a great week Seattle.