We have to admit folks, the big event that we were holding out hope for this year was the Honda Celebration of Light, the international fireworks competition. Well, it looks like we have bad news for ourselves. Why? The organizers have decided to cancel it for the second year in a row. Here’s the scoop.

Having been in the city for almost three decades, the Honda Celebration of light is definitely one of the high points of summer. Teams from around the world are invited to show off their fireworks skills over multiple weekends. The result? A night sky filled with absolutely incredible sights.

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Unfortunately, the ongoing pandemic has resulted in a logistics nightmare for the event. The festival usually features musicians, live events, and more. Plus, we’re sure that flying in a ton of fireworks team wouldn’t exactly go over well. So, they pretty much had no other choice but to cancel it once more.

We guess that one silver lining is that the Celebration of Light has already confirmed that it will be back in 2022. And, that will also coincide with its 30th anniversary! We don’t know about you, but we’re expecting them to pull out all the stops.

And, we’re expecting to see all of it! For more info on the Honda Celebration of light, just head to their website.