Ready to end your week on a beautiful note? So are we, which is why we’re sharing the amazing short film In Full Bloom, which was made for this year’s Cherry Blossom Festival. The 11-minute video offers an incomparable look at, in our opinion, the best time of the year for the city.

The video is directed by Pat Weir, and produced by Peacemaker Filmworks, a local company. Peacemaker specializes in new cinematography techniques, and they’re on full display for this video. Seriously, some of the shots would have us thinking ‘CGI’ if we didn’t know better.

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But, we do, which is why we’re all the more impressed. The film takes you on a grand tour of the city, from beachfront parks to hidden streets, all with one thing in common- stunning cherry blossom trees. It’s not often that we agree with the term ‘visual meditation’, but that actually sums this up nicely.

So if you’re ready to unwind after a stressful week, we highly suggest checking out In Full Bloom. Enjoy the weekend and the end of cherry blossom season, Vancouver!