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Here Are 5 Good News Stories From Around Canada This Past Week

Photo via Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

Well, folks we always like to end the week on a high note and that’s why we’re big fans of good news. And we think you guys feel the same. So here are 5 good news stories to end your week on a high note.

A Windsor family is using TikTok to normalize autism

There’s a lot of great things about Tik Tok including the ability to learn about different people’s lives. And recently, 24-year-old Giaci Miceli has blown up on Tik Tok after his sister posted some seriously heartwarming videos of him. But the best part is that his sister and family are also sharing videos to help educate others and show a glimpse into the challenges that individuals with autism face.

The Blue Jays secured a spot in the MLB playoffs

We know that a lot of you out there are huge sports fans. So the news of the Blue Jays securing a spot in the expanded MLB playoffs is pretty dang great. Because they, like all of us, have had a pretty rough year. So regardless of how they do, we’re proud that they’ve made it this far!

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Government of Canada introduces new Recovery Benefits

Obviously, everyone has been hit hard by COVID-19 this year. And while some Canadians have gotten their jobs back, there are still many who remain jobless and not eligible for EI. So with that in mind, the Canadian Government has created Recovery Benefits to support individuals for up to 26 weeks.

Health Canada approves portable COVID-19 testing device

So first of all this is really really cool but we should also mention that this device gives results in 90 minutes! And how crazy is that? So while COVID-19 is going to stick around a while, we’re feeling very grateful for unique innovations like this. Not to mention, this will continue to help more people get access to tests.

Schitt’s Creek made history and swept The Emmys

The Canadian TV show that is loved by many was equally loved at The Emmys this past week. In fact, they took home 7 golden statues for wins like Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Outstanding Comedy Series, and a whole lot more. So here’s just one more reason to love this hilarious show!

Okay folks we hope this roundup of good news helps you start your weekend on a high note. And with that, we hope that you all have a great weekend and get some of your own good news. We’ll catch you all back here next week!