You may have seen them in other cities, but now Vancouver’s street may soon have quadricycle brewery tours.

According to the City of Vancouver, Council has approved business licensing for quadricycle tours.

“Prepare to see a new set of wheels in Vancouver this summer,” states the City.

The four-wheeled, pedal-powered cycles will transport groups of passengers on pre-approved routes to businesses like breweries and other areas of interests in the city, according to a release.

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Operators will need to obtain both a valid vehicles-for-hire business licence and street-use approval prior to operating.

“We know the last two years have been challenging, and this is an opportunity that will help businesses with their economic recovery, keep a few more cars off the road, and bring some fun and enjoyment to the city,” said Sarah Hicks, Chief Licence Inspector.

Quadricycles will be permitted on streets during the following times: Monday to Saturday: 7am to 10pm, as well on Sundays and holidays: 10am to 10pm.


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Operators will also be required to send in proposed tour routes for approval, and the quadricycles will generally be restricted to minor streets and laneways, and will be prohibited in protected bike lanes.

“The introduction of quadricycles is a new, fun way for locals and visitors to explore Vancouver, and aligns with our climate emergency goals of reducing carbon pollution from how we move on our streets,” said Paul Storer, Transportation Director.

“We will work with tour companies to ensure quadricycles operate safely so they don’t impact the movement of other road users.”

Applications for businesses interested in operating quadricycles in Vancouver will be open this spring.