Well, here’s a super weird call for stolen property. Today, the Vancouver Police Department revealed it is looking for the owner of some $12,000 worth of gold teeth. It’s one of the weirdest cases of stolen property we’ve ever heard of it, and it seems like the VPD is just as confused about it.

Apparently, someone sold the ‘dental gold’, as it’s known, to a gold buyer in East Vancouver back in June. Upon learning of the transaction, the VPD promptly trucked over there and got promptly seized the collection. So right off the bat, it’s pretty weird, but that’s just the start.

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Because, the police have no record of the teeth being stolen, and no one has come forward privately since then. They’ve got a couple of theories- the gold may have been in a dentist’s office (since they’re the ones who remove them) or it could have been a part of a ‘private collection’. Yikes.

Whatever the reason, the VPD is sitting on over $12,000 in gold teeth, and we’re sure they’re getting some bad vibes from it. Do you know an artist who was planning a gold tooth-related sculpture, but was too embarrassed to report it stolen? Let ’em know!