Canadians with remote jobs now have even more options for working abroad. The beautiful and underrated country of Uruguay has introduced a digital nomad visa that makes it so easy for Canadian passport-holders to become temporary residents.

Uruguay is allowing remote workers to apply for residency permits to work there legally for six to twelve months.

This beautiful beach-lined country is located in South America and is known for being “progressive, stable, safe and culturally sophisticated” says Lonely Planet.

According to the government agency’s information page, Live In Uruguay, the two-part visa application is designed for people who work for themselves or companies abroad.

Canadians can enter the country as a regular tourist and then apply to stay for six months as a digital nomad by completing an online form.

Unlike many other countries that offer a digital nomad visa, Uruguay does not require a minimum income to grant the visa.

All you have to do is sign an affidavit claiming that you have the means to support yourself financially while staying in the country.

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If you want to extend your visa, you will have to prove that you have a clean criminal record in all the countries you’ve previously lived in, as well as a vaccination certificate issued in Uruguay.

According to EuroNews, the digital nomad visa application costs €9 or just over $13 CAD.

However, you can’t pay for it with a foreign bank account, so you may want to wait until you arrive in Uruguay to do so.

Once you apply and pay the fee, you will be granted your shiny new digital nomad visa — provided you meet all of the requirements.

You can find out more information about the visa and application process online here.

So, if you’re looking for an extended “work-action” that is both offbeat and idyllic, you may want to set your sights on Uruguay!