Working from home all the time might have you craving a change of scenery, so why not head to the second most biodiverse country in the world? Colombia’s new digital nomad visa is enticing for remote workers to live, work, and play in their beautiful country.

Many countries offer visas for “digital nomads” or remote workers with a passion for travel.

But, Colombia is raising the bar with a new kind of incentive for foreigners who make their living online.

Canadians who wish to obtain the visa must earn a minimum of 3 million Colombian pesos per month, which is just under $900 CAD.

This amount is well below the requirements of other sunny countries down south.

For example, the minimum income to be eligible for a digital nomad visa in Costa Rica is over $4,000 CAD per month.

In Brazil, the amount is over $2,000 per month. In Mexico, applicants must show a bank balance of over $57,000 for the past year and earn over $3,500 per month.

The digital nomad visa is valid in Colombia for up to two years.

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But, the country also allows Canadian passport-holders to skip the application process entirely, as long as they only plan to stay for six months out of the year.

With an Entry Permit, Canadians can stay for up to 90 days and extend it by an additional 180 without the paperwork.

According to a recent press release by ProColombia, the country boasts “affordable housing and lower cost of living,” “strong and stable internet,” “less crowded cities closer to nature,” as well as easy access to “hospitals, schools, summer camps, and markets.”

“Its rich geography gives travelers meaningful experiences across six charming regions.”

Plus, the similar time zone makes it an easy transition for many Canadians.

Those interested in learning more and applying for Colombia’s new digital nomad visa can do so here.

So, what’re you waiting for? Pack up your laptop and start planning your next adventure!