We know it’s not exactly the right time of year to be recommending this, but we think that a little bit of ice cream should be in the cards for you. Umaluma, which made a name for itself as Vancouver’s spot for dairy-free gelato, has announced that this will be their last week of operations.

Well, at least as they know it. The shop, which opened back in 2017, became notable for fun and bold flavours, all of which were dairy-free. And while vegan options were present in the city before that, Umaluma was the first to offer them alone, without sacrificing variety or taste.

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And while their social media has hinted that they may return in some other way, we personally feel the need to stock up. You can order Umaluma online for pickup, try to find it at a local grocer, or just swing by the store to grab it! Keep in mind that they might also do a little flash sale this week, as stock winds down.

So, definitely keep this in mind if you decide to treat yourself to a sweet little something for the weekend! We know that we’re going to.


Where: 235 East Pender Street