From the turducken to their classic sandwich, JUKE Fried Chicken has long held a special place in our hearts, no matter the season. However, we must admit that the fried chicken bouquet JUKE creates for Valentine’s Day in Vancouver always have us swooning. And luckily, they’re back for this year!

The ‘Let’s Cluck‘ fried chicken bouquet is a, well, interesting way to get romantic on Valentine’s Day in Vancouver. Dismissing the classic floral arrangement, these bouquets offer 8 pieces of JUKE’s classic fried chicken in a red and white decorative wrap. It is for Valentine’s Day, after all!

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Looking for a vegan option instead this year? Don’t worry, because JUKE’s sister restaurant Beetbox will be doing a Fried Chick-Un Finger Bouquet (called the Certified Lover Bouquet) as well. That’s right, you’ve got options this year, no matter what you’re in the mood for. Spread the love, eat some chicken (or its vegan alternative), and win over the heart of that special someone.

Both of these options are now available for pre-order. Considering their popularity year after year, we suggest that you get your order for a fried chicken bouquet in sooner rather than later!