If you’ve ever been to UBC and thought “this school needs more space” well, have we got news for you. UBC has recently bought a piece of land in Surrey BC for $70M.

The piece of land, located at King George Boulevard and the Fraser Highway, will soon (how soon, we don’t know) be filled with “academic facilities.” And if you’ve ever had to commute from outside Vancouver to UBC, you’ll know that this is a welcome addition.

The purchase was done in conjunction with UBC’s strategic plan to have more of a presence in the region. As well as provide a post-secondary education facility for the roughly 3,500 UBC students who live in the Fraser region.

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What this space will look like is still up in the air. But, UBC intends to consult with the community, Indigenous leaders, and UBC students to help inform what this new site could mean.

We just hope the new purchase won’t mean students will have to go from Point Grey to Surrey to get to different classes. Running across campus was hard enough when we went there! Granted, that probably won’t’ be the case. However, It is exciting that access to post-secondary education will become slightly more accessible when this site is officially opened.

If you want to learn more about this development, you can check out UBC’s press release right here.