If there’s anything the quarantine proved, it’s that you never know what people are capable of creating out of boredom.  Well, two Torontonians may have just taken the cake on that front with their brand new men’s swimwear line Brokinis. In case you haven’t heard about this *ahem* questionable line of swimwear, let us enlighten you. Brokinis is the brainchild of Toronto locals Chad Sasko and Taylor Field.

Apparently, they were looking for an outfit to wear to a bachelor party when the idea for the company was born. They’d started out in leotards but quickly realized the material was see-through. So instead of continuing their hunt for a unique bathing suit, they decided to just make one. Along with about 250 others. Ya know, just in case.

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The Brokini is currently available in two patterns, the “Fineapple” and the “Bromingo.” There’s no in-person store (yet) but everything can be purchased online. When you visit the website, you’ll find catchphrases like “Bathing suit may attract wanted attention” and “The perfect swimwear to make your parents question where they went wrong.” As well as one-liner reviews and quippy testimonials.

If you’re not gonna buy a bathing suit, we’d still suggest you peruse online for a little laugh. If you do buy one of the Brokinis, well, good luck to you. You may not have a great sense of style, but at least you know how to have a good laugh. And hey, to borrow Sasko’s COVID-19 ideology, “Brokinis might be a great way to keep people six feet away from you.” So there’s that.


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