Talk to anyone who’s ever spent time in Montreal, and you’re bound to get two recommendations about the food scene- bagels and Montreal smoked meat. Well, a new service is now offering St. Viateur (famous for its bagels), Schwartz’s (famous for its smoked meat), and more for delivery in Western Canada! That’s right, you no longer have to book a flight to try out some of the most well-known spots not just in Montreal, but countrywide.

The new option for Schwartz’s delivery in Western Canada comes from, which uses access to bulk overnight shipping to drastically cut down costs. For example, ordering a 10-pound brisket (AKA enough for an entire feast) costs around $55 through this service, versus some $200 for regular rush shipping.

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Ordering it is simple, too. All you have to do is head to the website, check out what’s on offer from Schwartz’s, St. Viateur, and a number of other iconic spots in Eastern Canada, then place your order! The website currently delivers to Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Manitoba, so it definitely lives up to its claim.

We have to admit, it’s a lot easier than booking a trip the next time you’re craving Montreal smoked meat and a bagel alongside it. So, if you simply need the classics for a treat yourself dinner this weekend, just know you can get it straight from the source and order Shwartz’s delivery in Western Canada.