Despite how many times we’ve been told about the dangers of having a weak password, it seems that there are plenty of Canadians out there who are willing to take the risk.

NordPass has released its annual list of the most commonly used passwords in 50 countries, based on verified research from the past year. The report includes the number of users in the country with the same password, as well as the amount of time it would take to crack it and gain access to the account.

You could learn a lot about Canadians from the findings of this report. For one thing, the stereotype about our love of hockey is painfully accurate. We’re also exceptionally patriotic, and for some reason, many of us like the name Tiffany.

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Among Canada’s most commonly used passwords are ones you’d probably expect, like “password,” “qwerty,” “abc123,” and “12345,” each of which would take less than a second to crack.

However, there are also some anomalies. The 8th most common password is “tiffany,” which would take roughly 17 minutes to crack. Surprisingly, there are over 86,600 Canadians with this password.

The 11th most popular password is “hockey,” which was used by 65,380 people in 2021, according to NordPass. Other fan favourites are “iloveyou,” “canada,” “sunshine,” and “dragon.”

Depending on how analytical you are, you could interpret some of these passwords as clues about people’s desires. For example, “freedom” is a password used by over 20,000 Canadians. “Family” and “love” are also quite popular, as well as some more specific ones like “mustang” and “cheese.”

There are also plenty of people who chose their passwords a little more wisely. Phrases like “Bajaonel12,” which is Canada’s 189th most common password, would take a hacker 12 days to figure out.

If you want to find out if your go-to password is as unique as you think it is, you can see the full report here.