TTC riders, take note. You will now be paying more for your commute and here’s what you need to know.

According to the TTC, the 10-cent fare increase comes into effect on Monday, April 3rd, 2023, on single cash and PRESTO rides.

Single-fare prices for adults paying with cash are now $3.35 per ride and $3.30 per ride for PRESTO card users.

Teens will now pay $2.40 per ride with cash and $2.35 per ride with PRESTO.

Adults will also pay $13.50 for a day pass and $6.70 for two rides.

Senior fares and monthly passes will remain the same price and the Fair Pass Transit Discount Program is set to expand eligibility to 50,000 additional low-income residents.

“Revenue from this fare increase, in addition to the City’s proposed subsidy to the TTC of $958.7 million, will go toward ensuring the system is reliable, safe, and accessible for all Torontonians,” according to the TTC.

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Back in January, then-Mayor John Tory announced proposed investments in the 2023 budget that would apparently “keep Toronto safe.”

Along with the increase, the City had proposed more changes such as:

  • Prioritization of TTC service on routes in certain communities that have been identified as Neighbourhood Improvement Areas, including those that need more service,
  • Hiring 10 extra Streets to Homes outreach workers in order to help “vulnerable people on the transit system,”
  • Hiring 50 more TTC Special Constables. The plan with this is that they believe it will increase the focus on safety and security
  • Increase the cleaning of streetcars on the busiest routes.

What all of this means for you is that you need to make more room in your budget for public transit.

Let’s hope that it leads to safer and more efficient public transit for everyone.