It’s full speed ahead! Wild Rose Country’s hyper-speed FluxJet is now one more step closer to becoming a reality and TransPod shows no signs of slowing down.

Described as being the 5th mode of transportation, this “aircraft without wings” would revolutionize the way we travel and work within the province. Getting it built, however, will be no easy task.

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Estimated to run at 1,000 km/hr, TransPod believes that their tube system would get people from Edmonton to Calgary in just 45 minutes and have been working closely with both cities to make it happen.

Luckily, for the movers and shakers, Transpod has already signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the provincial government, Building Trades Of Alberta and more recently, The City of Edmonton (among others).

“An MOU is an agreement where both parties agree to collaborate,” TransPod co-founder and CEO, Sebastien Gendron told Curiocity.

“It’s this initial agreement before you actually have a formal contract between the two parties… in this case, the city [of Edmonton] and TransPod will align and work together to make this project happen.”

The most exciting thing they’ve decided to collaborate on? The construction permits, which they hope to obtain in 2024.

As for Calgary, the CEO says that the city has issued a Request For Proposal (RFP) in hopes of finding the best fit for an airport connection link.

“The objective is to assess different options to connect the Calgary airport and TransPod is one of the options,” he explained.


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In addition to TransPod, Gendron said that they will also be considering the Banff-Calgary connection and another high-speed train, which in total, could take about 6 months to study.

“The hope is to provide the results to city council next fall.”

In the meantime, their focus will be on Edmonton and “validating 3 main steps” in 2024.

These include the construction permit, securing the right of way (the land where they’ll build the track), and launching a series of public consultations which will be necessary to get feedback and address any questions or concerns people may have.

In addition, it was said that they will be working to get the construction cost estimate, which will act as a “blueprint for the infrastructure,” and is an important factor in getting shovels in the ground.

“If everything goes well, we can start construction a year from now,” he concluded.

As always we’ll keep you updated as this story develops, but it’s clear, Alberta.

Big things are happening – and we could very well be on our way to having the first hyperloop system in the world.