Hold on to your hats because the TransPod, a 1,000 km/hr train proposed for Alberta – is now one more step closer to being built from Edmonton to Calgary.

Able to carry between 50 and 100 people, this hyperspeed coach will run much like an LRT but will offer an onboard experience similar to any Canadian airline.

Though this sounds like something out of a science fiction novel, a picture of what the future could look like in Wild Rose Country is coming into focus with the company securing $550 million and unveiling a test model last summer.

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Now – they’ve also begun making strides with Building Trades Of Alberta, an organization that coordinates and promote the interests of 18 Alberta local trade unions with 60,000 members in construction, maintenance and fabrication industries.

According to Transpod’s co-founder and CEO, Sebastien Gendron, a memorandum of understanding was signed earlier this week marking the beginning of an important working relationship that involves both parties.


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“On our side, the main objective is to employ the workforce in the building trades, and on their end, it’s to provide the workforce, help us with introductions and connection with the First Nations and also help us to access government bodies to fast track conversation and speed up processes to get the project off the ground,” Gendron explained to Curiocity.

“It’s a good first step before a full agreement between parties.”

As for what’s next?

TransPod plans to continue meeting with chiefs and provincial lawmakers and hopes to eventually inspire the modification of the Professional Railway Act to include a company like theirs.


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They’re also going to begin building a nearly 75-metre test track in hopes of validating the manufacturability of their proposed infrastructure and are waiting for the City of Edmonton to agree upon a new route that will take riders through the Downtown area.

This will bring the TransPod’s stops to a total of 4, which includes The YEG airport, Red Deer and the Calgary Aiport.

“If everything goes well, we intend to start in spring 2024,” he said.

“It’s going to be a busy year.”

As always we’ll keep you updated as even more information comes to light – but it’s clear, Alberta. Big things are happening – and we could very well be on our way to having the first hyperloop system in the world.