The Toronto-based startup TransPod has released an update on a new ‘hyperloop’ train line in Alberta, after getting the go-ahead from the province last year. The new ‘transportation system’ will be able to whisk people between the cities, and a couple of other stops, at speeds exceeding 600km/h. Here’s what to know!

Back in August of 2020, the company signed a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ with the Albertan government. Basically, this was like a formal ‘gentleman’s agreement’, with the province saying “Hey, if you get the funding and come up with a plan, we’re not going to stop you”.

hyperloop alberta
Photo via TransPod

Well, as of today TransPod has at least the second part of that covered. The company just released a ‘feasibility study’, which is a sort of overview of how much it’ll cost, how many jobs it will create, where it will go, and other things to consider. Turns out, building a hyperspeed train in the prairies is no small task.

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Because the number of jobs expected to be created during construction has ballooned since last year, from 38,000 to 140,000. The cost of the project has also increased, from around $10B to more like $29B. This is mainly due to land acquisition costs, and TransPod is confident that the project will be both sustainable and beneficial for the Albertan economy at large.

The next step is securing $1B in funding so that a ‘test track’ can be built. If all goes according to plan, then this hyperloop could start service between Calgary and Edmonton by 2031. Travel time will be just over one hour each way, and tickets will start at $90 per passenger.

Along the way, TransPod hopes to build stations in Red Deer, plus at the Calgary and Edmonton airports. Trips from either city to Red Deer will be more like $45, and the airport tickets around $12. For more information on the updated plan for this crazy new transportation option, just click here!