Buckle up, folks, Toronto’s weather forecast this week is taking us on a wild ride. It may be hard to believe given the -30 C wind chills and extreme cold weather alert in effect this Monday morning, but by mid-week, you won’t need anything more than a light spring jacket in the city.

Temperatures will swing dramatically over the next couple of days as the frigid winter weather we’re used to gets replaced by a brief blast of mild but soggy weather, according to The Weather Network.

Come Wednesday, Toronto will be sitting at a high of 8 C with mostly cloudy skies and possibly some rainfall. A high of 7 C is expected on Thursday, but with a mix of rain and snow.

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Sadly, that will be our final taste of springlike temperatures for the time being as temperatures plunge back into the negatives over the weekend.

However, a high of 5 C with sunny skies are expected on Monday the 21st, which also happens to be Family Day — the perfect day for a hike to a frozen waterfall near Toronto.

The final week of February will be slightly more tolerable than the past few weeks have been, with daytime highs between 3 C and -2 C.

Thankfully, Ontario’s groundhog Wiarton Willie didn’t see his shadow this year, which means the province can hopefully look forward to an early start to spring.