Ontario is known for its waterfalls and in the colder months, the cascading waters transform into something out of a storybook. The large frozen formations and jaw-dropping icicles are worth bundling up and venturing outside for. If there’s anything we can appreciate about these frosty winter months, it’s the majestic sight of frozen waterfalls near Toronto and throughout southern Ontario.

Here are 7 of the most breathtaking frozen waterfalls in Ontario that you have to explore this winter.

Devil’s Punch Bowl Conservation Area

This 33.8-metre ribbon waterfall on the Niagara Escarpment is unlike anything else around. The massive gorge is made up of many types of rocks, giving it a multicoloured appearance when you’re observing it from the bottom of the falls. In the winter, the water freezes into all kinds of spectacular shapes.

Where: Ridge Rd, Stoney Creek

Tiffany Falls Conservation Area


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These falls are lots of fun to explore in the winter. A network of bridges and forested trails takes you right up close to the 21-metre ribbon waterfall, where you can observe it from it from a distance at the lookout point or right up close where the majestic icicles form. If you’re up for the challenge, you can even go on a guided ice climb up the frozen falls.

Where: Ancaster

Ball’s Falls Conservation Area

This towering waterfall in the Niagara region is an especially beautiful sight this time of year. You can observe the falls from above or down below, and do some exploring on the nearby trails in the Twenty Valley while you’re at it.

Where: 3292 Sixth Ave, Lincoln

Hogg’s Falls


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This destination in Grey County is ideal for frozen waterfall-watching, snowshoeing, and hiking. However, it’s worth noting that the parking lot is not maintained in the winter months and may be inaccessible. Be sure to plan accordingly and wear the right gear, as the terrain does get a bit slippery this time of year. Once you get there though, the majestic views are totally worth it.

Where: 170491-172753, Lower Valley Rd, Flesherton

Tew Falls


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This tall and narrow waterfall tumbles 41 metres down into the valley below. In the winter, the water continues to cascade in a smaller stream with ice formations all around it and it’s truly a sight to behold. The falls mark the beginning of the hike to Dundas Peak and is one of many majestic falls in the Hamilton and Dundas area.

Where: 581 Harvest Rd, Dundas

Oxtongue River – Ragged Falls Provincial Park

This incredible sight near Algonquin Provincial Park “demonstrates the powerful, erosive force of glacial meltwater,” according to Ontario Parks. It’s considered one of the top 10 waterfalls in Ontario, especially for its unique lookout points, the incredible sound of the rushing water and the towering trees that surround it. This winter destination deserves to be at the top of the bucket list.

Where: Dwight, ON

Chedoke Falls


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On the eastern side of Chedoke Creek, you’ll find this epic 18 metre waterfall cascading over the escarpment. Although Chedoke Falls experiences year-round flow, it partially freezes over in the winter months making for an incredibly beautiful sight.

Where: Cliff View Park Scenic Dr &, Upper Paradise Rd, Hamilton