Well folks, it looks like the inevitable is finally upon us. According to Toronto’s weather outlook for the next 60 days, the wintry weather we’ve been dreading could be just weeks away.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac has released its weekly weather predictions for the Toronto area and part of southern Ontario and it shows that the first signs of snowfall will take place in the final week of October.

The forecaster says that cold temperatures, as well as “rain and snow showers” will hit the region between October 24th and November 6th. Looks like we’ll need to bundle up on Halloween this year.

A brief return to milder weather is expected between November 7th and 11th, but then the winter weather really sets in with “snow, then flurries” and “very cold” temperatures slated for late November.

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Unfortunate as it is, this early start to winter aligns with what other forecasters have predicted for Ontario in the coming months. In fact, The Weather Network says that it could be the earliest blast of winter weather Ontario has seen a long time.

“We expect that the weather during the weeks leading up to the holidays will be more conducive to skiing than to golfing, which is in contrast to many Decembers over the past 25 years,”  said Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

It’s too early to tell just how wintry it’ll get this December in Ontario, but Gillham said it’s looking pretty likely that temperatures will be below normal and snowfall amounts above normal.

As for what we can expect throughout the winter, The Almanac predicts that Canada is in for a “frosty flip flop” of a season.

Temperatures and snowfall amounts will swing dramatically throughout the season, with “winter whopper” snowstorms thrown into the mix. Some provinces will fare better than others, but Ontario is in for a particularly “icy” and “flaky” few months.