The South Korean drama taking the world storm has sparked all kinds of fan theories and discussions on social media, but one topic in particular really has people talking. If the real-life version of Squid Game were to happen in Canada, what childhood games would be used for the deadly competitions? Canadians have taken to Twitter with their ideas and they couldn’t be more fitting.

Here’s what just a few users came up with.

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A popular idea seems to be colouring a map of Canada, which is all good and fine until you get to Nunavut, the massive territory with many islands that was always impossible to get perfect.

Another person’s idea is to recreate the honeycomb game used in the show, only with the outline of Nunavut instead of a triangle or umbrella.

Other fans have decided on a fatal version of Stella Ella Ola.

These ones get double the points for nostalgia and creativity.

Scooter boards are also a great suggestion, especially because they’re already enough of a safety hazard as it is.

Lastly, who could possibly draw a perfect maple leaf in the face of death? We shudder at the thought of it.

Ohh, Canada – let’s just hope it never comes to any of this because if we’re being honest, we don’t think any of us would make it.

Have any more ideas? Sound off in the comment section and let’s all just thank our lucky stars that none of us will ever have to slam our fingers between one of those scooter boards ever again.