How do we feel about a century-old speakeasy becoming a condo building? Confused, unsure, maybe excited? The Matador is getting completely repurposed, and it could be your next home.

According to Now, there were plans to restore it to its former glory, but those were squashed by zoning bylaws and the desires of the AGCO. Recently, the building was bought by 466 DCR Urban Properties Inc.

By the name, we’re sure you can guess what business they’re in. Rather than go down the bar route, they’re making The Matador into a condo building.

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the matador residence

Don’t worry, the plan seems to be to retain a lot of the OG style and history of the place. For example, the wall of signatures graced by the likes of Janis Joplin and Leonard Cohen won’t go anywhere.

Done right, we think it could turn into a really cool place to live. Additionally, there will be some dedicated commercial space, and the developers want music-related businesses to dominate.

No word on when the transformation will be complete, but keep an eye out if you want one of the 30 condos. We’re actually pretty stoked to see what they’ll end up looking like! Five bucks says at least 20 guitars end up on the walls in total.