Toronto makes 3 of Canada’s top 2018 weather events

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2018 was an interesting year to say the least. We had our fair share of extreme weather in Canada, and surprise surprise– our city made the list for a good chunk of ’em. Keep reading to recap our crazy Toronto weather!

May winds cost us $1B

toronto wind tree broken
Ahh yes, that fated day in May. On the 4th, a fast-moving group of thunderstorms went through the GTA. These hurricane-force gusts produced record wind speeds for the month, and it caused a bunch of damage, like power outages, traffic light crashes, and a halt in the GO train service. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, it was Canada’s costliest storm in five years. Come on Mother Nature, why you gotta do us like that?

Floods on floods in August

toronto flood
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Late on August 7, a compact storm brewed in suburban Toronto. A downtown weather station recorded 58 mm of rain, while Toronto City Centre Airport received 72 mm. Some areas got less than 6 mm of rain, but downtown was absolutely wrecked with swamped roads and underpasses, submerged cars, and elevators. Everybody remembers the Final Destination-esque trapping of two men in an underground elevator, right? Yup, that really happened– when the men were finally released, only 30 cm of airspace remained in the elevator. Yikes.

April was the absolute worst

april toronto
April was the coldest one in 16 years. We hadn’t seen weather that terrible in 16 years, and let’s hope we don’t for at least another 16. We endured 21 hours of ice pellets, 9 hours of freezing rain, and 24 hours of rain… and strong winds blew a sheet of ice from The CN Tower so big that it pierced the dome below, forcing the cancellation of a Blue Jays game. Not ideal!

And on top of all that craziness, we experienced things like this, too:
-January was a mixed bag of weather
-Thawing/raining/flooding in February
-April/May weather whiplash
-Ontario got its first tornado
-RIP to so, so many trees
-We got Tropical Storm Gordon’s leftovers

So 2018’s been one for the books. Are you ready for an equally crazy 2019, Toronto?

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