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Rock’n Deli has some of TO’s most authentic Montreal smoked meat

Via Curiocity Toronto

Montreal is kinda far. Rock’n Deli is definitely not as far. If you’re looking for a delicious Montreal smoked meat experience, we’d recommend making it easy on yourself and going for the latter!

Rock’n Deli has been perfecting the art of the smoked meat sandwich since 1992. We don’t have the attention span to work on anything for that long, so we appreciate the effort on their part.


rock'n deli toronto

After 24 years of refining the recipe, they’ve got a wicked menu of smoked sandos, roast beef, and club sandwiches. Also, you can (and definitely should) dive into their poutine or curly fries on the side. Yes, the poutine is made with curly fries. We happy cried the first time we ate it.

If layers and layers of salty smoked meat is making health senses tingle a bit, no worries! Rock’n Deli offers 12 fresh salads to pair with your meal. Sorry, curly fries.


Also, they’ve got an impressively large breakfast menu. We did find someone who came here twice a day, every day.

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rock'n deli toronto

rock'n deli toronto

However, it’s not just the meat that gets the people going here. Wait, that sounded so wrong. It’s the fantastic customer service, which gets rave reviews across the board. There are so many jokes about being happy to share their meat to be made. We’re going to just… not.

Although, we are going back for another sandwich. Care to join?


Where:  CF Shops Don Mills, 32 Clock Tower Rd

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