Amazon Canada launches Canada Day content for Alexa and Music

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amazon canada day

Despite the fact that this Canada Day will certainly be different from most others, there seems to be no end to the ways we can celebrate. And now, Amazon Canada has joined the party. Cause they’ve just announced a fun new initiative with Amazon Alexa and Amazon Music to help make this Canada Day special.

So let’s start with how Amazon Alexa will be celebrating. For the month of July, Amazon will be hosting “Alexa Loves Canada.” They’re introducing a ton of new Alexa experiences that are geared toward helping Canadians reflect on this past year. All you’ve gotta do is say “Alexa, how do you feel about Canada?” or “Alexa, do you love Canada?” to get started. You can expect things like holiday planning tips and Canadian recipes.

Did you just try it? Yeah, us too.

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And Amazon Music is also joining in on the fun. They’ll be celebrating Canada with some of our favourite homegrown artists like Alanis Morissette, Michael Bublé, and more. There will be curated playlists to honour the diverse sounds of various cities across the country.

So get excited! Cause thanks to Amazon, July’s gonna be a whole month full of Canada Day fun! And if you’d like to read the press release in full, just click here.

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