It’s the start of a new season here in Ontario and the best and brightest days are yet to come. But, before we can strip off our parkas for good, the next several weeks are set to be a rollercoaster of wild weather, according to Ontario’s spring forecast from The Weather Network (TWN).

TWN’s Chief Meteorologist Chris Scott predicts that while we’ll definitely get tastes of mild weather this spring, Canadians in most provinces (including Ontario) can expect an “especially tumultuous” season ahead. 

While we’ll continue to get periods of pleasantly mild weather like we enjoyed on the first day of spring this past Sunday, “this will be a case of two steps forward and one step back,” said Scott.

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“We’ll see several more bouts of winter-like weather before spring finally hits its stride across the country,” he added.

TWN says that Ontarians will have their patience tested starting in late March and throughout April as colder-than-normal and even winter-like weather dashes our hopes for an early start to spring like Wiarton Willie the groundhog predicted back in February.

Come May, however, the outlet is confident that the province will settle into a consistently warm pattern.

Even though above-normal precipitation is expected in Ontario, the southern end of the province faces a lower risk of widespread spring flooding this year thanks to early thaws in February and March.

If we get hit with some springtime snowfall, no need to panic. TWN says that on average, Toronto sees about 5 cm of snow during the month of April.

We Canadians are no strangers to whacky weather, so hold onto your hats because it looks like we’re in for a bumpy ride this spring.