Aside from those unexpected few days of beach weather, we’ve had a slower start to patio season this spring. Thankfully, the Toronto weather forecast shows that temperatures will finally be warming up soon.

According to The Weather Network, Toronto’s 14-day forecast shows that warm and sunny days are about to return.

The final few days of April and the first week of May will still be quite cool and drizzly, but in the second week of May, things will take a turn for the better.

The current forecast shows that on Sunday, May 7th, a high of 15°C and sunny skies are expected.

Over the following few days, temperatures will gradually climb higher and reach 17°C on Thursday, May 11th.

We can only hope that this kickstarts our beloved season of gorgeous weather here in Ontario.

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Photo via The Weather Network

Overall, the spring season in our province has played out exactly as predicted by The Weather Network last month.

The outlet said that most Canadians would “need to be patient” for consistent warm weather.

“Several more rounds of wintry weather are expected across the country before spring finally hits its stride,” said Chief Meteorologist Chris Scott back in March.

However, the weather authority did say that Ontario and Quebec may finish strong with “warmer and drier weather” towards the end of spring.

Now that we’re well into the spring season, we can start to count down the days to better weather.

And from the looks of the current forecast, we don’t have too much more counting down to do!