It’s officially March, which means that spring is just around the corner. However, according to the spring forecast in Canada for 2023, most provinces will experience a slower start to warm weather.

According to The Weather Network’s forecast, “most Canadians will need to be patient as we wait for consistent warm weather” in March, April, and May.

“Several more rounds of wintry weather are expected across the country before spring finally hits its stride,” said Chief Meteorologist Chris Scott in the forecast.

That means colder-than-normal temperatures and even storms are on tap for us here in the north.

But, the real question is — which provinces will get hit the hardest? Read on to find out!

Ontario & Quebec

Those hoping for the early start to spring that was predicted by Ontario’s groundhog are in for some disappointment.

March and April will bring “several bouts of winter weather with periods of colder than normal temperatures and messy winter storms,” says The Weather Network.

However, there’s hope on the horizon — Ontario and Quebec may finish strong with “warmer and drier weather” towards the end of spring.

British Columbia

Westerners will also experience a “slower than typical start to spring” this year, especially in the first half of the season.

However, that means more time to hit the slopes this year, as cooler weather and slightly above-normal precipitation are expected.

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Photo via The Weather Network

The Prairies

Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan will not be spared from the sluggish start to spring. In fact, the first half of the season may be worse than winter itself.

“March, and even April, could look and feel wintrier than what we saw during the heart of winter,” says The Weather Network.

Southwestern Alberta may experience above-normal precipitation, however near normal amounts are expected everywhere else.

Atlantic Canada

The Maritimes are in for cold and stormy weather during the first half of spring, but the remaining half will bring warmer temperatures to the region.

Late winter storms may descend on Atlantic Canada in March and April, along with colder weather.

Northern Canada

Spring will be a mixed bag for Northern Canada. Colder than normal temperatures are expected in southern Yukon, southwestern NWT, and around Hudson Bay.

However, northeastern parts of Nunavut can expect above-normal temperatures as the season transitions. 

There you have it — the spring forecast in Canada for 2023. Don’t pack up those winter parkas just yet!