It’s the end of the paper bag era at the LCBO. Single-use paper bags at the LCBO will soon be phased out in an effort to minimize their impact on the environment.

This initiative will take place “over the coming months,” said the LCBO in a media statement.

Instead, customers are encouraged to bring their own shopping bags or buy a reusable bag — the LCBO will have a new reusable cooler bag for sale in stores starting on May 24th.

Shoppers can also request a re-used cardboard box or an 8-pack carrier at no cost.

Call it inconvenient, but getting rid of paper bags at the LCBO will have a major impact.

According to the corporation, it will remove almost 135 million paper bags from its stores every year.

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It will also divert 2,665 tonnes of waste from landfill and save the equivalent of more than 188,000 trees every year.

“Fifteen years ago, we took the lead to remove single-use plastic bags from our stores,” said the President and CEO of LCBO, George Soleas, in the statement.

“Now, the removal of single-use paper bags is another important step in our efforts to minimize our impact on the environment.”

The LCBO is one of many stores to phase out single-use bags. Shoppers Drug Mart and all Loblaw stores recently made the same change.

The government of Canada also implemented a single-use plastic bag ban in December of 2022.

So, if you don’t already have a stash of reusable bags, it’s probably about time you start one!