April or August? We certainly can’t tell! The Toronto weather forecast this week is showing sunny skies and record-breaking heat.

The Weather Network has shared some previous temperature records that were held at this time of year in Ontario.

The record for April 12th is 23°C, feeling like 25.8°C. It looks like we’re on pace to shatter that record in Toronto.

The forecast for this Wednesday, April 12th is currently 27°C in Toronto.

And it will only get warmer from there. Temperatures in Toronto will heat up to 27°C on Thursday, feeling like 30°C, followed by 25°C on Friday.

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Photo via The Weather Network – Toronto

The weekend will be quite warm and pleasant as well, but temperatures will begin to cool down by next week, back into the single digits and low teens.

And sadly, it looks like April showers will be making a comeback. The forecast for Sunday through Tuesday shows nothing but rain.

The Weather Network did predict that a surge of warmth from our neighbours to the south will bring a burst of warm temperatures to Ontario.

However, Mother Nature hasn’t let us off too easy this season! Clearly, is more precipitation coming our way this month.

An “active storm track” will cause above-normal precipitation in Ontario, and in the northern parts, that will likely be snowfall.

So, enjoy the much-needed week of patio weather while it lasts, because we may still have to wait a while until the good weather takes hold for the season.