Spring is always an unpredictable time of year, especially here in the north. According to The Weather Network’s April forecast, Canada is in for a wild ride this month.

The outlet has released its predictions for the weeks ahead across all provinces, and here’s what Canadians can expect throughout the month of April.

British Columbia

Colder-than-normal temperatures are set to dominate BC throughout early April, reports TWN.

Thankfully, a shift during the second week of April will allow the province to enjoy some warmer weather for a few days.

However, the colder temperatures will make a return during the final stretch of April. Overall, precpipitation levels will likely be near-normal in BC.

The Prairies

A similar weather pattern is expected in the Prairies as in British Columbia this April, with temperatures warming up briefly around halfway through the month.

Parts of the Prairies are at risk of below-normal levels of precipitation this month.

The good news is that normal temperatures will steadily be rising throughout the month and will increase between 5°C and 10°C across most of Canada.

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Ontario & Quebec

The colder-than-normal weather that BC and Alberta will experience at the start of April will extend into northern Ontario and Quebec.

However, “much warmer weather” from the eastern U.S. will surge into southern Ontario and Quebec, leading to a few days of relief from the cold.

While BC and Alberta enjoy a warmup in the second week of April, Ontario and Quebec will experience a cooldown.

An “active storm track” will cause above-normal precipitation in both provinces, and in the northern parts, that will likely be snowfall.

Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada will experience a below-seasonal shift midway through April, like Ontario and Quebec.

But, The Weather Network says changeable temperatures will balance out and return to near normal in the early part of April.

There’s your April forecast, Canada. Stay dry out there!