It may seem as though snow and Toronto go hand-in-hand but other Canadian cities are putting Toronto’s snow amounts to shame so far this year! According to Environment Canada, the city of Vancouver had almost more snow in just two last week than Toronto has since the start of winter.

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“Going back to November, Toronto has a snowfall total of 35 cm,” said Environment Canada Weather Preparedness Meteorologist Geoff Coulson in an interview with Curiocity.

“Vancouver on the other hand had 33.2 cm of snow between January 17th and 18th alone.”

environment canada
Image via Environment Canada

Toronto will be adding to that total on Tuesday though.

The city is calling for 5-10 cm of snowfall throughout the day on Tuesday with Environment Canada warning Torontonians to be prepared if they plan to be driving that day as Toronto could see unsafe driving conditions during the afternoon. But, the snow will be short-lived as temperatures rise during the week.

According to Environment Canada, “It will likely change to rain and melt on Wednesday because temperatures are supposed to go above 0°C.”

environment canada
Image via Environment Canada

Vancouver won’t be exceeding their current total of snow anytime soon, however. The forecast is calling for temperatures reaching above freezing all week, including a high of 12°C on Sunday.

No snow is in the forecast, but lots of rain with chances of showers and rain predicted for every day this week.

Sounds like Canadians may need more rain gear and less snow gear this winter!