When we say Toronto traffic is the worst, we mean it! And that sentiment is solidified further thanks to the latest traffic index by TomTom. Compared to over 380 cities in the world, here’s where Toronto traffic stands.

Geolocation technology specialist, TomTom has released its 13th annual TomTom Traffic Index. This report showcases data and information on traffic trends in 387 cities in 55 countries from last year.

This includes their average travel time, fuel costs, and CO2 emissions.

Data from over 600 million in-car navigation systems and smartphones were used to compile the report. Each city also had its average travel time per kilometer calculated.

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Overall, there was a general decline in average speeds in most cities, 82 saw their average speed remain the same and 77 had a higher average speed than the previous year.

But when it came to Toronto, things took a turn for the worst. According to the index, Toronto placed 3rd.

You read that right.

toronto traffic
Photo via TomTom Traffic Index

Travel time actually increased in Toronto last year as the data suggests the average time it took to travel 10 km went up by 50s.

On a yearly scale, Torontonians spent 255 hours driving with 98 hours due to congestion. As for how much hard-earned cash was spent on gas? An average of $744 CAD yearly, with $112 CAD due to congestion.

“The increase in both the cost of petrol and fuel consumption, due to longer journey times, has a clear impact on the budget of motorists who have to use their car every day to get to work,” shares the report.

“In more than 60% of 351 cities where TomTom aggregates fuel prices, the average budget in fuel increased by 15% or more between 2021 and 2023. This increase in consumption naturally has a direct impact on average CO2 emissions per vehicle.”

As for Toronto’s overall standing, it actually saw a significant drop compared to last year’s report – Toronto once stood in 30th place!

Though not good, this year’s report isn’t any better.

Just like last year, we still have a lot of work to do in Toronto.