If there’s one thing we know about Toronto, it’s that it’s a busy city but with busyness comes traffic and A LOT of it. But have you ever wondered where it stands with other countries across the globe? We sure have! Well, the 2023 TomTom Traffic Index is out and according to its latest ranking, we may not be as bad as we thought.

The 12th annual list analyzed and details traffic trends across 389 cities in 56 countries, throughout 2022.

This year, the list features traffic in each city and the cost of driving when it comes to time, money, and the “environmental impact for a driven mile.”

They also looked at travel time, analyzing the average time it took to drive 10 km within each city.

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Now if you had to guess where Toronto landed on the ranking, you’d probably think otherwise. We’ll give you a moment to guess.

Out of 389 countries, London, England came in first; Bengaluru, India came in second; Dublin, Ireland in third and Sapporo, Japan in fourth.

As for Toronto, time’s up! Our beloved and very much populated city came in 30th over all, third in North America.

toronto traffic
Photo via TomTom

At first, it doesn’t seem too bad but when you consider it’s out of 389 countries, you’d think again.

Compared to the previous ranking, it did see a minute and 40-second increase since 2021

But the travel time increase seems to be a pattern across most cities as many people head back into the office. Travel times saw a rise across 62% of the cities (242 out of 389), according to the report.

That wasn’t the only increase either. Energy prices and overall driving costs went up across the globe due to several factors but despite that, TomTom found it to be a “major mode of transport in most cities.”

As for Toronto, at least it’s a better result than the last traffic ranking we were on. But it looks like we still have some work to do!