Toronto Pearson Airport is about to get a whole lot quieter and your flights much faster, among other changes, thanks to new arrival procedures coming to the airport.

According to Nav Canada, the company that manages the Canadian civil airspace, the new arrival procedures at the airport will help planes shorten their trips, reduce fuel burn, and make descent operations much quieter.

In order to do so, Pearson is now using satellite-based positioning and modern aircraft flight management systems to allow planes to arrive at the same time, on parallel runways.

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So that tackles shortened flight times, but as for quiet descents, planes will now be able to fly up to 1,000 feet higher than before. This results in the reduction of noise over communities located south and downwind of the airport, according to Nav.

And as for reducing fuel consumption, thanks to shorter routes Pearson is estimated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 178 million kilograms.

Per Nav, Pearson is the second airport in Canada to implement the changes since Calgary International Airport did back in 2018. As for airlines supporting the efforts, currently, all of WestJet’s fleet and the majority of Air Canada’s are equipped for the job.